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The differences between lesbian and straight dating

Lesbian and straight dating can be similar in a lot of ways. You can meet dates in the same places, have the same nerves about meeting someone for the same time and in both situations you’ll have some great dates and some terrible dates.

There are however some fundamental differences when it comes to dating women over dating men. If you’re new to the world of lesbian dating, perhaps as a bisexual who’s only had experience with men or as a newbie to the world of dating altogether, keep the following points in mind.

Lesbians want to be friends first

If you’ve had any experience dating men, you’ll probably have discovered that they want one thing – sex. Preferably as quickly as possible. Lesbians on the other hand tend to want to get to know their partner properly first and grow a strong foundation of friendship before things get physical.

Lesbian relationships get serious more quickly

Men are legendary at being scared of commitment so its perhaps not surprising that this isn’t so much of a problem when you’re dating a woman. While the initial stages of the relationship may move quite slowly, once things start to get serious, other steps such as moving in together may happen a lot more quickly.

Lesbian dating breaks the rules

With straight dating, there are a whole load of etiquette questions and gender stereotypes that you need to work out. Who will pay the bill? Who should call whom first? Will you be considered slutty if you sleep together on the first date? As lesbians, you are equals, so there is no need to play silly mind games or live up to gender stereotypes when you go on dates.

Women make better lovers

If you’ve only dated men before, you may be pleasantly surprised when you start seeing women. You have the same body parts so there’s no need to teach your partner what to do or persuade them that the technique they learned from porn movies is not actually particularly enjoyable.

Lesbian dating isn’t easy

You’re up against a lot more than straight couples. A lot of society still views lesbian relationships as somehow wrong or at least not usual. You may get a few stares when you’re out on a date together. But remember you’re in this together and the rest of the lesbian community is there to help you through it.

By Rachel Adnyana - May 2013


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