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Tips for finding a long-lasting lesbian relationship

Casual relationships and quick flings can be great if you both want the same thing, but if you decide it’s time to settle down, how do you find that person who’s going to stick around for the long term?

Where to find other lesbians

If you’re finding it hard to meet other women who are interested in a committed relationship, you may be looking in the wrong place.

It’s important to get out, socialise and meet other lesbians, but if you’re dating mainly people you meet in bars, that may not be the best foundation for a long-term relationship. Bars can be a great place to meet new people and have fun but alcohol can cloud your judgement and other lesbians you meet may assume that you’re also just looking for a bit of fun.

If you’re at college or university, joining the LGBT group, if there is one, can be an excellent way to meet other lesbians looking for relationships. You’ll have the chance to get to know people as friends before you start dating and the chances of meeting someone who just wants a one-night stand are much reduced.

Lesbian dating sites can also be a great way to meet other women, particularly if you tend to be shy in face-to-face situations. Most sites offer profile filtering so you can choose to make contact with only those women who are interested in serious relationships.

Communication is the key

If you’ve just recently met someone, it’s important to make sure you both want the same things. If you’re already head over heels, it can be devastating to discover that your girlfriend only sees you as a bit of fun, but it’s better to find out at the start of the relationship, rather than hoping for something that will never happen.

Many great lesbian relationships start out as a friendship. If you have a friend that you have feelings for, but you are yet to act on these feelings, tell her! Friendship forms a great basis for a stable relationship and if she doesn’t return your feelings, at least you can move on.

If you’re communicating with other women on an online dating site, make sure you let them know that you’re looking for a long-term relationship. This way you can find others that share your need for commitment and keep looking for the perfect woman, without wasting time on those who are only there for fun.

By Rachel Adnyana - May 2013


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